-About Tausch Technologies-

“Tim made updating my system to Windows 10 easy and convenient. I would highly recommend Tausch Technologies to anyone asking for computer help.”

Tausch Technologies was founded by network engineer Tim Tausch in 2014 to provide IT services to residential and small business customers in the northern Illinois region.

After spending 4 years as a contractor for Heartland Cable Broadband, a small family-owned cable company based in Paw Paw, Illinois, Tim began working for one of Northern Illinois’ premier managed service providers (MSP) as a network engineer and project manager. Meanwhile, Tim continued to expand his residential Tausch Technologies services to include small business clients. Tim continues to use his daily MSP experiences to remain current on technological advances and troubleshooting knowledge to benefit his Tausch Technologies clients, in addition to the clients he serves as an employee of a very active MSP. 

Tausch Technologies strives to provide excellent and personalized IT services to the local community.

Why Choose Tausch Tech?

  • Tausch Technologies provides quality and personalized IT services to both residential and small business clients with 1-10 users.
  • We aim to promote personalized service by providing flexible scheduling for clients.
  • Tim has earned certifications in CompTIA A+Cisco SMB, and 4Med/HIPAA, in addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Network Communications Management, and is an Axis Certified Professional.

"I have discovered that many small businesses have a need for quality and personalized IT services, but many larger IT service companies are out of reach due to cost or the willingness of large companies to work with small business clients. My goal is to provide these services to small businesses who would otherwise go without these important services. I look forward to serving all of your small business and residential IT needs."

Tim Tausch, founder of Tausch Technologies, Inc.